“Your sons and daughters shall prophesy.”

Our Children’s Ministry is known as the Children’s Equipping Center (CEC).

We want to help kids meet God, see God and experience God by going deeper in prayer, deeper in worship and deeper in devotion to Him – in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment they will want to come back to week after week!

We are seeking to raise up children who are equipped with a real knowledge of the Bible through godly content, creative teaching methods, resources, environment, solid leadership and life experiences.

Our desire is to teach children to believe the promise given to us in Acts 2:17:

… that in these days, His Spirit will be poured out on all flesh and they are the ones who will prophesy, dream dreams and see visions. Children will be taught to understand that the Holy Spirit is orchestrating a global prayer strategy in these very days, and they are a part of it!

We believe God’s power, signs and wonders are not just for adults to experience.

Children, too, can walk in the boldness, zeal and power of God; to participate in ministry to other kids (and adults!) in such a way that signs and wonders can be released through them – children of all ages are released to pray, worship God, heal the sick through intercession and the laying on of hands, prophesy, give to the poor, preach, teach and reach the lost.

We teach principles about enjoyable prayer that assist children in developing a real relationship with Jesus. Children can hear from God and understand more than most people think!

We also believe in having a lot of fun while we are learning about God.

He is a fun God that has given us a great capacity to enjoy his creation. Your kids will be able to play, take part in team competitions, do crafts, and lots of other activities while meeting and creating new relationships with lots of other kids who want to know God more.

Important Details for Parents/Guardians

  • The CEC is currently available during the Sunday morning worship service.
  • Children ages 6-12 participate in the worship portion of the service in the meeting with their parents/guardians until dismissed to their classrooms, normally at the beginning of announcements before the message.
  • Children ages 1 – 5 years may be checked in starting at 9:50 (10 minutes prior to the Sunday worship service) and will be in their classrooms and activities for the duration of the service.
  • Parents/guardians must remain on-site at International House of Prayer Northwest when their children are in the Children’s Equipping Center. In the event of an emergency, or if a diaper change is needed, parents will be contacted in the service to come to the CEC.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible to check their children into their respective classes. Children will not be released to a non-parent/guardian, so please be aware that your presence will be necessary soon after the conclusion of the service!
  • For security purposes, Parents are not allowed behind the half-door into the C.E.C. Our most important priority is the safety of your children, and therefore all teachers, helpers, and ushers are background checked. No one without a background check may enter the C.E.C. during Sunday Service.

Ages and Classes

The CEC is currently divided into 3 age groups:

  • 12-23 months: Meeting in the CEC “Babies” Room
  • 2 – 5 years: Meeting in the CEC Main Room (Classroom 106)
  • 6-12 years: Classroom 102

Each age group has age-appropriate program and ministry with dedicated ministry teams. All Children’s Ministry staff are actively involved with ministry in the prayer room at IHOP-NW and have undergone character and background checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a baby – do you have a nursery?
We do not currently have the staff capacity to provide a staffed nursery for children under 6 months at this time. However, there is a private Nursing Mothers station located in the back of the Prayer Room, next to the Sound Booth. A changing table is also available in the Women’s bathroom. During the week, parents are able to utilize¬† the small room in the C.E.C., equipped with a changing table, portacribs, and a rocking chair for nursing moms. Children must be attended at all times!

How can I help raise up this next generation?
We’re glad you asked! Please contact Elizabeth Shrode (CEC Director) for information on getting involved with children’s ministry at International House of Prayer Northwest. ¬† ¬† EMAIL NOW>>