Prayer Room Schedule & Calendar

The Prayer Room
Central to the programs, activities, and outreach of International House of Prayer Northwest is the Prayer Room, which is open to the public as a place of night and day corporate intercession, worship, and personal encounter with God. There are an increasing number of worship sets a day which transition after two hours, and each is guided by one of several prayer formats. Please join us!

Worship Services
 Forerunner Fellowship Northwest is the congregational expression of the International House of Prayer Northwest and meets on Sundays at 10:00am – a time to get together with others from the community to worship, receive great teaching, pray for one another, and build friendships in a family-friendly environment. These times are a valuable part of growing in the calling of our community to night and day prayer in the context of families and individuals who love God and honor the presence and power of Jesus.

Weekly Prayer Room Hours & Events

Monthly Calendar of Prayer Room Hours & Events